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Chinese Large Bronze Budhha with Qinanglong Mark (1736 - 1795)      6500 $      sold



 We are glad to present you one of our favorite statues of our collection - very large and precious Chinese Bronze Buddha from the 18th century with rests of gilt.

The Buddha is seated on a lotus base in abhaya mudra position which means protection, peace and the dispelling of fear.

This statue has a Qianglong Seven-Charakter Mark, DA QING QIANLONG NIAN JING ZAO, (1736-1795).

Size: 39 cm height, 28 cm width. Weight 5,4 KG


Shipping included


Chinese Buddha Statue 18th cent. with Qianlong Mark 41 cm     5000 $





Very large Qianlong Buddha made of solid bronze, with rests of gilding and a temple lion, marked Qianlong on the back. Weight 4,4 kg. No cracks, no repairs.Perfect Patina.

Size: 41 cm height, 18 cm width.

Shipping included





Wonderful Chinese Bronze Buddha with Yongle Mark      6500 $



Another wonderful and large Chinese Buddha Bronze statue, approx. 18th century (Qing Dynasty), sitting on a square base, with a height of 38 cm and a width of 24 cm, weight 4,95 KG.

On the back marked 'Da Ming Yongle nian shi' (‘bestowed in the Yongle era of the great Ming’).

Shipping included




Chinese Stone Buddha Head Ming Dynasty 5,7 kg     3500 $



Chinese Ming Dynasty (perhaps older) stone head of a Buddha. Well carved with the face in a pleasant expression with beautiful lips and almond-shaped eyes, flanked by elongated earlobes.

Part of our family collection for more than 100 years.

Size: 22 cm height x 14 width. Weight 5,7 kg.

Shipping included


Chinese Buddha Statue 19th cent. Bronze on Teakwood     sold





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