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 Ming Longquan Celadon Guanyin         sold



We can offer you a wonderful Chinese Longquan Celadon Porcelain Guanyin (Kwan Yin) dating from the Ming Dynasty. This Guan Yin has been acquired from the world famous collector of Chinese ceramics, Dr. Nearing and his Dragon's Lair Collection some years ago.




The Buddha is sitting in the double lotus position. The right hand is in the Karana mudra position, which expels negative energy or wards off evil.

It is about 10 1/4 inches tall.

It weighs about 1.949 kg.

It is very finely made, with extremely fine fingers, which clearly show the finger nails. The facial features are also fine.

It is partially covered with a crackled celadon glaze.

Great condition - take a look on the pictures. A similar piece was sold at Bonham's 2011 for 24000 U.S. Dollar, please check

Further information about Dr. Nearing - excerpt from a posting of the CBU University Canada:

A gift of 16 collections featuring 2,500 original art items was announced this evening by Dr. Joseph Nearing of Vancouver, BC and formerly of Donkin, Cape Breton. The James Nearing and Florence Giovannetti-Nearing Dragon Lair’s Collection was announced at the Annual Art Gallery Gala fundraiser. A sold out crowd of 300 guests was on hand to hear about the largely Asian collection, named in memory of Nearing’s parents of Donkin, with an estimated acquisition value of $500,000.

It is the largest one time gift ever donated to the Art Gallery.

Dr. Nearing’s dream for the bequeathed collection is that it will create wonder and curiosity within people and represent a living, teaching collection especially for students. 'If a student for example is studying the Song Dynasty of China, he/she will be able to access in a suitable secure teaching room, true Song items. Students will actually see, feel and examine the Song Dynasty still alive in the artifacts.' Best described as 'an eclectic collection of antiques and Objet d’Arts, dating from the Stone Age or Neolithic Era to the present day,' this avid art collector notes, 'The James Nearing and Florence Giovannetti-Nearing Collection is a collection created in Canada by an interested native Cape Bretoner for the people of Canada.' Dr. Nearing collected the items over the past five years. A retired doctor who received an honorary degree from CBU last weekend, Dr. Nearing spent his early years in Donkin, NS. Known as a leader in workplace health and safety he led a distinguished career in occupational health. During his career, he conducted research and helped develop standards and regulations on environmental and occupational exposure to toxins such as lead, arsenic and beryllium. Much of his work involved mines and mining.

'We were pleased to welcome Dr. Nearing back to Cape Breton for our Convocation. His generous gift has wondrously enlarged an evening of celebration. Tonight we celebrate this generosity and the vision of our friend who represents a true example of the university’s commitment to sustain community and culture,' says Dr. John Harker, President and Vice-Chancellor of CBU.

'This collection will be admired and treasured by students, researchers, collectors and communities around the world, and cherished as an ever-lasting gift to Cape Breton University.'

Dr. Nearing’s special passion for Chinese ceramics is reflected in the category entitled, Chinese Ceramics, Neolithic to Contemporary, which represents his dedication in collecting one item from each dynasty and brings with it 2,000 years of history and a fascinating look at the development of Chinese ceramic over the years.


Shipping and insurance included


Huge 18th/19th century bronze Ayutthaya Buddha Statue    already sold



 Huge and heavy Thai bronze Ayutthaya Buddha, dating back to the 18th/19th century.


The Ayutthaya Buddha is sitting in the Earth Touching, Calling the Earth to Witness, or The victory over (Subduing) Mara position.

He sits with folded legs (right on top of the left). The Ayutthaya Buddha is seated on an interesting representation of a boat.

The boat is decorated with flowing designs. Each side comes up in a stylized point much like the royal boats that paddle on the river Choa Praya in Bangkok during royal river processions.

The statue has some traces of age and a nice patina. No repairs.

Size: 53 cm height x 43 cm width. 11.2 kg


Shipping included



Chinese Stone Head of a Buddha - 16,5 KG - Ming Dynasty        sold


Chinese Ming Dynasty (or older) stone head of a Buddha, mounted. The size is 44 cm in height (including stand) and the weight is 16,5 kg.

Well-carved with the face in a pleasant expression with beautiful lips and almond-shaped eyes, flanked by elongated earlobes and his hair in a four leaf style, which is extremely rare. We never have seen that type of hair on the antique market before.

It is part of our family collection for more than 100 years.

Worth you collect it.

  Shipping included.



Chinese Jade Guanyin Buddha Statue Qing 4 kg      sold






Another stunning item from our private Buddha collection.

Large Chinese Guanyin Temple statue made of Jade, with changing jade colours from light green to green, yellow, grey and black. This solid figure is seated on a double lotus flower, one hand holding the pearl and the other a vase.

The Guanyin is in great antique condition with very detailed carvings. Absolutely rare and one of a kind. It dates from the Mid Qing Period (circa late 18th. century). There are some spoils of time due to the age, but that does not diminish the great atmosphere of this rare jade Guanyin.

It is 32 cm high, 15,5 cm width and has a weight of almost 4 kg.

A similar statue we have sold some month ago (item #0099). Both are/have been part of our family collection for nearly 100 years.

Shipping included.



Chinese Qing Bronze Buddha marked 19th century     995 $







A rare Qing dynasty gilded bronze Buddha, from the mid 19th century with extraordinary fine face. Please have a look on it!

The base, clothes and expression are very exquisite, especially his clothes. Almost the whole body is still gilt, only some parts are worn off.

Marked leaves relief patterns on the bottom. Worth you get it.

Size: height: 8 1/4"; bottom: 3 3/4-4 3/4"; net weight: 2.409 lbs.

Shipping included.


Chinese 18th cent Bronze Buddha Statue with Qinanlong mark     2500 $   already sold







Wonderful 46 cm and 8,16 kg heavy Chinese bronze Guanyin Buddha from our Buddha collection, made in the 18th century.

The Guanyin (Kwan Yin) is wearing a long robe and is sitting with two hands hidden in the clothes, holding a reel. Very smooth and kind expression. Although the statue is hollow inside it is very heavy.

On her back marked the period of "Qian Long". A really very rare bronze collection, can't find from other places.

Size: 18,25'' in height, 6,5'' - 11,25'' bottom. Weight is 8,16 kg.

Shipping included


Chinese crowned Bronze Buddha from the Ming Dynasty     5000 $







A wonderful Chinese Bronze Buddha, crowned on a lotus seat with serene expression in the face.

The antique inscribtion says 'Ming Di Yong Ping San Nian Zhi', translatable as 'Made in the Third Year of the Yongping Reign of Emperor Ming'.

Ming Di was the posthumous reign title of Liu Yang, who succeeded to the throne on the death of his father to become the 2nd emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The third year of his rule would have been 60 A.D. This period has been referred to as the 'Golden Age' of the Eastern Han.


This rare item dates not from the Han Dynasty, but style and the real old inscribtion mark indicates the statue was surely made during the later Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Fabulous statue.



The bottom was closed by a former owner, but underneath it is hollow.

Size: four kg weight. 30cm height, 20cm width.

Shipping included.



Spectacular Chinese Bronze Guanyin with Kangxi Mark 68 cm   3600 $   already sold



Here is another spectacular Bronze Guanyin from our collection. After we have already sold each of our bigger statues, we like to offer you now our biggest dating to the 18th cent. Qing period - A 67 cm (26,5'') high antique Bronze Statue of a beautiful Guanyin.

The guan yin is wearing a long robe, the surface shows a great patina and on the back you find the mark 'Da Qing Kang Xi Nian Zhi'.

67 cm in height and 12,5 kg heavy.

The price includes already the shipping costs of 200 U.S.DOLLAR. Take your chance. Good luck.



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