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Old Chinese Bronze Guan Yin with mark      795 $





Up for sale is this solid and fine seated bronze Guan Yin. It has an old Kanxi mark, but we think this statue dates from the Qing Dynasty in the 19th.cent. and was not made earlier. The statue has a lot of interesting carved ornaments.

Hand polished bronze in good condition with only little traces of age.

Size: 31cm height x 15cm width, weight approx. 3kg.


Shipping included.


16th - 17th century seated bronze Buddha Statue from Chiang Mai      $1500   already sold






Antique seated bronze Buddha in Maravijaya and Virasana, made in the late 16th or early 17th century in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.

It shows a rare high quality bronze, very heavy, solid and shiny with rests of gilt.

The statue is our property since 1938 and was exhibited in our private homes since that time.

Predominantly hollow inside and nevertheless 6,5 kg heavy.

Size: 43 cm height x 31 cm width.


Shipping included.



Kannon Bosatsu Guanyin wooden Statue Edo      1000 $





A comparetivly large sized Japanese Kannon Bosatsu from the Mid Edo Period - about 250 years old - used in the Sōfuku-ji ( 崇福寺 ) Temple in Gifu.

It is made of premium wood and has been carved by a master craftsman. The golden colour is still vivid and shiny and looks absolutely amazing. Buddha Statues of this quality are very rare.

It is in good condition with little wears of age.

Size: Width 5.9 in : Length 4.0 in : Height 16.9 in : Weight 540 g.


Shipping included.




17th century Chinese bronze Guanyin with Kangxi mark      2700 $     sold already 


Fabulous Chinese antique bronze Guanyin Buddha statue, Qing dynasty Kangxi period, around 17th century. The Guanyin is sitting on a base, wearing a long robe, two eyes are looking down, holding a bottle.

Smooth surface, wonderful and exquisite carving. On the back you will find a Kangxi mark. It's a rare statue, very special. No repairs.



height:16 1/2"

bottom diameter:7-8 5/8"

net weight:8.05 kg.

Shipping included.



Chinese jade carved Guanyin (Kwan Yin) 18th century     1800 $


Please take a look on this extraordinary 15 inches large Guanyin, made of dark spinach green jade. It dates from Qing Dynasty 18th.century or earlier.

Rich and fine details and a serene and elegant expression in the face.

A statue like this is very rare on the antique market. Fine condition with no repairs.

Size: 15" H x 5" W x 2.7" D.

Shipping included



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