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Antique Japanese Tetsubin by famous Kibundo      1.200 $     Sold





Up for sale is this wonderfully textured 19th century Japanese cast iron tea kettle made by noted Kyoto-school tetsubin craftsman Kibundo ( 1812-1892 ).

It is cast in high relief with the image of writings and a landscape.

This fine kettle bears the body-mark “Kibundo zo” and a remnant of the square seal mark of Kibundo on the bottom.

The quality of the relief casting is superb. A peculiar punching technique called “oshinuki” was applied to the body, producing its unique skin-texture surface.

The lid is made of copper and fits perfect.

Fine ornamental tetsubin of this type were preferred by the upper classes for the sencha style tea ceremony. A common characteristic of sencha kettles was that one side more heavily decorated than the other. In the sencha tea ceremony a tetsubin, held by the host in his right hand, is looked at by the guest with the spout pointing to the right. This is the side of the tetsubin which is usually more ornately decorated in order to enable the guest to admire the kettle’s “best” side. High relief ornamental tetsubin like this one are magnificent examples of Japanese ironwork which are very much sought after by collectors today.

Condition is excellent with normal interior rusting consistent with age and usage. Ready for use.

Size: 9,1'' height x 7,5'' width x 7,0'' length. Weight approx. 2 kg.

Shipping included.



Indian wooden temple carving with Shiva and Ganesh      450 $




Up for sale is an antique temple carving showing Ganesh and Shiva.

It was made in the 19th.century and has been inside a Hindu temple in Himachal Pradesh for decades.

Very good condition with the size 51 cm height x 28 cm width.

Shipping included.






Precious pair of wooden Protector Statues West Nepal      495 $




Black and white pair of unusual statues of protecting deity and ancestor. They are made of wood and date from the 18th. century. West Nepal.


They both bare signs of great age and eroded wood.

Incomparable aura.


White statue: 40 cm height with traces of lime and original plastering. Black statue: 28 cm height with traces of polychromy.

Shipping included.





19th. century Thai Bronze Statue of Phra Aphai Mani      1.600 $





Outstanding original gilded bronze statue of Thai Prince Phra Aphai Mani. It has great signs of time and was made in the 19th. century - 11,5 kg.

This is not a reproduction but an authentic item from the mid 19th.cent.

Rare and almost impossible to find in collections.

Size: 45 x 30 x 19 cm

Shipping included.




Buddha solid wood temple relief Siam 19th. century          995 $






Wonderful, large traditional temple relief on wooden base, Siam 19th. century. Rarity, impressively expression, sculpted from solid fine wood, in the niches several original clay buddha amulets.

Rare Size of 93 cm height, 43 cm width.


Shipping included.




Edo Period cast iron relief tetsubin (signed)      695 $     sold





Here we offer another Japanese tea kettle from our collection. It is a cast iron relief tetsubin from the late Edo Period. It is signed by the unknown artist. It has a tasteful design.

Inside is some rust but no water leak. Great atmosphere. A real antique tetsubin.

Size: 8,9'' height x 7'' width, 1,74kg.


Shipping included.



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