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18th. century Sino Tibetan Bengal style bronze Buddha      600 $





Outstanding 18th. Century heavy casting of Buddha, both hands grasping flowers, eyes in serene expression, with incised robes extending towards a double-lotus base. It would appear that this piece may have at one point in time had a mandorla mounted to the backside.

Measures 6.5 in. (16 cm) in height.


Shipping included.




Rare Edo Era Amida Nyorai Bronze Buddha      995 $





A magnificent and rare Amida Nyorai bronze Buddha, made in the early Edo Period, which means in the early 17th. century. This statue was made in a way called lost-wax metal casting, also known as Rougata Chuuzou, which was popular only in the 6th. century and in the Edo time.

The statue is in good antique condition with no repairs or cracks.

Size: 7,8'' height


Shipping included.




Gandharan Stucco Buddha Head 300 A.D.      1.200 $






This remarkable head of Buddha comes from the ancient kingdom of Gandhara (current Eastern Afghanistan~Northern Pakistan), which lasted from the first millennium BC to the 11th century AD. That kingdom was located in a region that has known many influences throughout its history; it was the easternmost part of Alexander the Great’s empire, and at his peak during from the 1st century to the 5th century, Gandhara was ruled by kings who were devoted Buddhists, the Kushan kings, and under whom a wonderful fusion of Greek and Buddhist art was allowed to flourish.

This head is a wonderful example of the timeless beauty of that art, which is made in stucco, and dating from the 3rd. century A.D., it is in excellent condition, considering its age with serene face, hellenistic lines, bow-shaped mouth and full lips beneath an aquiline nose, arched eyebrows in relief and heavy-lidded almond eyes.

Size: 17 cm in height with wooden custom stand

Shipping included.




Huge Gilt Bronze Guan Yin 19th. century - 10 kg heavy      1.200 $     sorry, sold







Up for sale is this heavy gilt bronze statue of a seated Guan Yin from the 19th. century.

She is showing the Abhaya Mudra.

The statue is more the ten (10!!) kg heavy, made from solid bronze. It has been exhibited in our family collection since 1950.

Hand polished bronze in perfect condition, with some old age wears.

Size: 41 cm x 28 cm x 21 cm

Shipping included.




Chinese emerald quartz carving of Guanyin 18th. century on stand       900 $





Superb chinese emerald quartz carving of Guanyin, made around 1750. It is raised on a hardwood stand, which is forming the torso of the Guanyin.

Wonderful and unusual display piece with a cubistic aesthetic - definitely singular.

Good condition. Only a small part of the left ear is missing and there are two cracks due to the antique age of this sculpture.

Size: 27 cm height (incl. stand)

2,1 kg heavy


Shipping included.



18th. century Burmese Alabaster Buddha Statue     795 $





A heavy Burmese alabaster buddha sitting in Mara Vijaya (calling the earth to witness) posture on a base, with meditative facial expression, emphasized by the half-closed eyes which look downwards.

Age: Burma, Shan Period, 18th. century. Nice condition overall (some expected degradation due to its age).

Size: 25cm x 19cm x 10cm, weight 3,3kg.


Shipping included.


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