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 Three Edo Period Buddha statues ( travel shrines )     1.600 $



 You have the rare opportunity to purchase a collection of three authentic and antique wood carving Buddha statues travel shrines. They are more than 200 years old. Each of the statues is inside a Japanese ZUSHI ( Lacquer at wood with brass ).

From right to left on the first photo:


1. Buddhist statue Vairocana DAINICHI-NYORAI

Size: Width 4.1 in : Length 3.1 in : Height 9.4 in : Weight 360 g


2. Buddhist statue Amitabha AMIDA-NYORAI 

Size: Width 4.3 in : Length 3.5 in : Height 11.0 in : Weight 520 g


3. Buddhist statue Gautama Buddha SHAKA-NYORAI 

SIZE: Width 4.1 in : Length 3.0 in : Height 9.4 in : Weight 330 g


There are little spoils of time, little scratches and small damages, which do not reduce its valuable good condition. All three pieces are constantly exhibited in our gallery because of their beauty.

Shipping included





A large 4-headed gilt bronze Qing Amitayus Buddha      1.600 $   sold 



 We offer from our private exhibition a Tibeto-Chinese large and heavy gilt bronze four faced Amitayus Buddha from the late Qing Dynasty ( 1644 - 1912 ).

The Amitayus ( Bodhisattva of Longevity ) is seated on double-lotus throne in dhyanasana and with both hands in dhyanamudra.

The statue is 17,1 inches high and 7,5kg heavy!

It is marked and in great condition.

Shipping included




Excavated Siam Ayutthaya Bronze Statue 16th. century          950 $



 Outstanding excavated Ayutthaya Bronze Statue from the 16th. century.

This crowned Ayutthaya Buddha is seated on lotus in Dhyana Mudra ( deep meditation ) and has a very gentle and serene expression.

Fine antique condition with traces of the excavation and the age. Weight 2300 g.

Size: 35 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm.

Shipping included.



Chinese Bronze Gilt GuanYin 19th.cent.with Xuande mark          750 Dollar      sold





Up for sale from our private Buddha collection is this bronze gilt Guanyin with a well carved six-character Xuande Mark.

She is seated in rajalilasana with an expression of peace and serenity. The Guan Yin is wearing a tiara and loose robes falling over the shoulders with lots of images.

Please notice the rare throne with its face on the arm rest and the claws on the base of the throne. Very seldom and rare.

Qing Period, late 19th. century. Very good condition with no repairs. Only some spoils of time due to age.

Size: 26,6 cm height and a weight of 3,3 kg.

Shipping included




Large Chinese Jade Guanyin Statue from Qing Dynasty          1.800 Dollar      sold





Another stunning item from our private Buddha collection.

Large Chinese Guanyin made of Jade, with changing jade colours from light green to green, yellow, grey and black, the figure is seated in dhyanasana on a double lotus flower, one hand holding a bottle of elixir and the other hand raised in apan mudra.


The artist has put together three pieces of jade, the buddha, the crown and the lotus seat to a spectacular Guanyin statue with very detailed carvings. Absolutely rare and one of a kind.


The statue dates from the Mid Qing Period ( circa late 18th. century ) and is in good antique condition. There is only a part of the little finger of the right hand missing and some spoils of time due to age, but that does not diminish the great atmosphere of this rare jade Guanyin.

It is 37 cm high and has a weight of 5,5 kg.


Shipping included




Antique lacquered gilt bronze Ayutthaya Buddha Statue          450 Dollar   sold already





A rare Siam 18th. century Ayutthaya gilt bronze Buddha sits with legs crossed, right hand in the bhumispara mudra, the "calling the earth to witness" gesture, left hand in the mudra of meditation.

This posture symbolizes the union of method and wisdom, samasara and nirvana, and the realization of the conventional and ultimate truths. It was in this posture that Shakyamuni overcame obstructions while meditating on Truth, transforming delusions into mirror-like wisdom. The power of this classic Sukhothai Buddha is in its imperturbable trance-like quality, in which the weathered surface of the gilded bronze appears suffused with the glow of an inner light. The Sukothai or Sukodhaya Style flowered in the 12th-14th Century when an independent tradition arose that defined Thai art styles which continue to this day. The unique vision of Sukhothai art lies not in the invention of novel forms, but in its completely harmonious perception of realism.

This Ayutthaya is from the early 18th. century. Damage to pedestal and some gold lacquer is chipped off due to the age of this antique figure. Great aura and antique condition.

Size: 19 cm height x 12 cm width x 7 cm dephs


Shipping included



Large Siam bronze Ayutthaya head 19th. century      2.100 $






Striking antique Siam mid to late 19th. century Ayutthaya Kampheng head of Buddha Sakyamuni (The Awakened One). His face with serene expression, closed eyes, aquiline nose, smiling lips and elongated earlobes with earrings.

The head is hollow inside and mounted on a wood base. It has a weight of almost 6 kg. No repairs, good condition.

Size incl. wood base: 49 cm height x 23 cm width x 23 cm length.

Shipping included.




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