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Chinese Dragon Vase Qianlong with zhuanshu seal mark          990 $






Please feel free to enjoy this very rare type of black Chinese Dragon vase with different images on it.

It dates from the Qianlong Time 1736-1795 ( Qing Period ) and bares a zhuanshu seal mark.

The pottery vase is in very fine antique condition with no repairs or cracks.

Size: 26,1 cm height x 13,2 cm width/diameter, weight 1,4 kg.

Shipping included






Chinese Neolithic Qijia Combed Pottery Vessel 2400 B.C.      800 $



 An ancient Chinese Neolithic Terracotta vase from the Qijia culture, dating to approximately 2400 B.C.

This attractive earthenware vase dates to China's Qijia Culture. It is of typical form, with large body, waisted neck, and flaring mouth. The piece is decorated throughout with long vertical, combed groves.

Height: 7 inches

Condition: Stable hairline cracks to body. Overall very good condition. Unrestored.

Provenance: ex. British private collection, ex. London art Market.


Shipping included.




900 year old Chinese Jian Tenmoku Tea Bowl - ex museum      2500 $  Sold




This is one of the first tea bowls in Japan, which came together with the first tea from China. It is a Chinese Jian Tenmoku Tea Bowl of the oil-spot type. These bowls were produced in large quantities for the general public as well as for the imperial court between the 10th and and the 13th century in the Fujian province.

This type with the flaring mouth is relatively rare and is shaped in James M. Plummers: Temmoku (Tokyo, 1972), p.63. The "Oil-Spots" are of the brownish (the Japanese call it gold) and not of the silver color. It dates from the 11th. or 12th. century and is in very good condition with no cracks or repairs.

This important and valuable bowl was exhibited from May 22 to September 2011 at the famous Museum "Keramion" in Frechen (Germany). It is published in a fantastic huge book called "Momoyama Keramik und ihr Einfluss auf die Gegenwart" (english/german language) with a foreword of the Japanese ambassador in Germany. In the book this bowl is described and shown with a photo on page 23, catalogue no.4. ISBN-978-3-94005-06-8

A real antique cultural treasure of the history of Japanese and Chinese tea ceremony.

Diameter: 16.2 cm, height 6.8 cm, foot ring: 4.7 cm

A very good box and a new edition of the book are part of the offer and will be sold together with this spectacular tea bowl.




Ming Dynasty 1600's Ocarina Tribal Wind Whistle       295 $





China, 1600's late Ming Henan Black Ware Tribal Ocarina Wind Instrument Whistle. Of fig shape with rounded body and 8 holes on the front and back with an escape on the neck and glazed mouth piece, in the Song to Yuan style of earlier Henan black wares or changsha ware, though likely later in dating. The deep amber glaze darkening to brown in areas. Incised mark to front. It measures approx. 2 3/4" x 4" x 2 1/2".

The ocarina belongs to a very old family of instruments, believed to date back over 12,000 years. Ocarina-type instruments have been of particular importance in Chinese and Mesoamerican cultures. For the Chinese, the instrument played an important role in their long history of song and dance. The ocarina has similar features to the Xun (塤), another important Chinese instrument (but is different in that Ocarina uses an internal duct, whereas Xun is blown across the outer edge).


Shipping include.


Chinese Zisha Tea Pot made by famous Bao Zhiqiang     1500 $   already sold


We kindly like to offer you a fantastic Chinese Zisha Tea Pot of Yixing clay, made by famous Bao Zhiqiang.

It has an artistic form, rare to find and it is marked with 'BAO ZHIQIANG'.

Yixing clay (traditional Chinese: pinyin: Yíxīng; Wade–Giles: I-Hsing) is a type of clay from the region near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu province, China. Its use dates back to the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) when Yixing clay was first mined around Lake Taihu in China. From the 17th century on, the Yixing wares were commonly exported to Europe. The finished stoneware, which is used for teaware and other small items, are usually red or brown in color. They are known as Zisha ware, and are typically unglazed. The clays used for the Yixing wares are very cohesive and can be formed coil forming, slab forming or most commonly slip casting. The clays can also be formed by throwing. The most famous wares made from yixing clay are Yixing clay teapots (yixing zisha hu).

Bao Zhiqiang, male, nickname Leren, was born in Yixing, Jiangsu in 1946, enjoying such titles as senior master of arts and crafts, the Chinese ceramic crafts master, member of the Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute, member of the Chinese Industry Design Society, the vice director of the Yixing Red Pottery Culture Research Committee, the vice chairman of the Yixing Art Association. Now he is the chief crafts master of the Chinese red pottery museum, the chief crafts master of Yixing Fangyuan Red Pottery Crafts Com.Ltd and Yixing Red Pottery Arts and Crafts Factory.

In the year of 1959 he worked at Yixing Red Pattery Arts and Crafts Factory, acknowledging respectively Tan Yaokun, Zhu Gexun, Fan Zelin as his master to learn ceramic carving crafts. In the year of 1962 he became an apprentice of the old handcraftsman Wu Yungen to learn the crafts of making pot. In the year of 1965, with the instruction of the famous ceramic carving master Ren Ganting, he worked on such creation. In the year of 1975 he went on further studies at ceramic crafts department under the Central Arts and Crafts Academy, later is engaged in creation design of red potter arts and crafts.


During the course of 1982 to 2002 his works SNUFF BOTTLE (collaborated), RICHES AND HONOUR TEA SET, SOURCE OF SPRING TEA SET(collaborated), PURPLE JADE FLOATING FRAGRANT TEA SET won the first-rate award during the national ceramic crafts evaluation. The works FOREVER JOY TEA SET and HAPPINESS LONGEVITY PROLONG LIFE POT were entered into Meinong international ceramic crafts exhibition in Japan in 1992 and in 1995. Since the year 2000, his works ANCIENT WIND POT, TEA FRAGRANT JADE BROCADE, PURPLE JADE FLOATING FRAGRANT won golden award during the first, second and third exquisiteness fair of the Chinese arts and crafts master. His ceramic carving works GUILIN SPRING MORNING and INK PLUM are collected by the Palace Museum, the works GOLDEN SOUND JADE VIBRATION POT is collected by Nanjing Museum. In the year of 1978 as a chief editor Flowers And Plants Picture Album With Line Drawing In Traditional Ink And Brush Style was published formerly. In December of 2002 Bao Zhiqiang Works Collection—the Contemporary Ceramic Crafts Famous Master was published by the Chinese Pictorial Office.

Both his modeling of pot crafts and the ceramic carving are all featured with elegant culture flavor and strong literati flavor, which forms his personal style.

Size: height: 6 3/4"; up diameter: 2"; bottom diameter: 5 1/4"; capacity: 250 ml.

Shipping included.



Chinese Zisha Tea Pot made by famous Zhou Guizhen     1400 $







We can offer you a rare and wonderful chinese zisha pottery teapot made by world famous Zhou Guizhen.

The Tea Pot has a smooth surface, a round body and it is very fine carved with a bamboo shape handle and a bamboo shape spout.

The cover inside and the bottom center is marked with the master name Zhou Gui Zhen.

Size: 7,2'' height x 5 3/8'' bottom diameter.

Please watch a video of the artist on youtube, click


Zhou Giuzhen was born in 1943 in Yixing, Dingshan, Jiangsu province, China. She started her apprenticeship in crafting Yixing pottery in 1958 at Yíxing Zisha Factory Number 1 under the tutelage of renowned masters Yin Chun Wang and Gu Jingzhou.

In 1989 she was awarded the 'Ceramic Art and Design' award by the China Arts & Craft Association. During that same year one of her Yixing teapots was added to the Nanjing Museum collection. Ms Zhou Giuzhen has earned several awards and recognitions for her work over the last several decades and has been designated a living national treasure by the Chinese government.

Several of her works are in Museum collections in various Chinese museums. Zhong Giuzhen's Yixing Teapots are highly sought after by collectors all over the world, often commanding astronomical prices at auction.

Shipping included.


Chinese Qing Porcelain White Guanyin marked He Chaozong     1200 $



Up on offer is this white and wonderful large Qing Dynasty Porcelain Guanyin. Wearing a long robe, leaning left hand on a beast stand, marked on the back the master's name He Chaozong. 

It is in good condition with only some traces of its age. No chips, no cracks.

Size: 12,5'' in height!! weight 2,6 kg

Shipping included.


Ming Longquan Celadon Guanyin     5000 $   sold



We can offer you a wonderful Chinese Longquan Celadon Porcelain Guanyin (Kwan Yin) dating from the Ming Dynasty. This Guan Yin has been acquired from the world famous collector of Chinese ceramics, Dr. Nearing and his Dragon's Lair Collection some years ago.

The Buddha is sitting in the double lotus position. The right hand is in the Karana mudra position, which expels negative energy or wards off evil.

It is about 10 1/4 inches tall.

It weighs about 1.949 kg.

It is very finely made, with extremely fine fingers, which clearly show the finger nails. The facial features are also fine.

It is partially covered with a crackled celadon glaze.

Great condition - take a look on the pictures. A similar piece was sold at Bonham's 2011 for 24000 U.S. Dollar, please check

Further information about Dr. Nearing - excerpt from a posting of the CBU University Canada:

A gift of 16 collections featuring 2,500 original art items was announced this evening by Dr. Joseph Nearing of Vancouver, BC and formerly of Donkin, Cape Breton. The James Nearing and Florence Giovannetti-Nearing Dragon Lair’s Collection was announced at the Annual Art Gallery Gala fundraiser. A sold out crowd of 300 guests was on hand to hear about the largely Asian collection, named in memory of Nearing’s parents of Donkin, with an estimated acquisition value of $500,000.

It is the largest one time gift ever donated to the Art Gallery.

Dr. Nearing’s dream for the bequeathed collection is that it will create wonder and curiosity within people and represent a living, teaching collection especially for students. 'If a student for example is studying the Song Dynasty of China, he/she will be able to access in a suitable secure teaching room, true Song items. Students will actually see, feel and examine the Song Dynasty still alive in the artifacts.' Best described as 'an eclectic collection of antiques and Objet d’Arts, dating from the Stone Age or Neolithic Era to the present day,' this avid art collector notes, 'The James Nearing and Florence Giovannetti-Nearing Collection is a collection created in Canada by an interested native Cape Bretoner for the people of Canada.' Dr. Nearing collected the items over the past five years. A retired doctor who received an honorary degree from CBU last weekend, Dr. Nearing spent his early years in Donkin, NS. Known as a leader in workplace health and safety he led a distinguished career in occupational health. During his career, he conducted research and helped develop standards and regulations on environmental and occupational exposure to toxins such as lead, arsenic and beryllium. Much of his work involved mines and mining.

'We were pleased to welcome Dr. Nearing back to Cape Breton for our Convocation. His generous gift has wondrously enlarged an evening of celebration. Tonight we celebrate this generosity and the vision of our friend who represents a true example of the university’s commitment to sustain community and culture,' says Dr. John Harker, President and Vice-Chancellor of CBU.

'This collection will be admired and treasured by students, researchers, collectors and communities around the world, and cherished as an ever-lasting gift to Cape Breton University.'

Dr. Nearing’s special passion for Chinese ceramics is reflected in the category entitled, Chinese Ceramics, Neolithic to Contemporary, which represents his dedication in collecting one item from each dynasty and brings with it 2,000 years of history and a fascinating look at the development of Chinese ceramic over the years.

Shipping and insurance included



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