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Antique Japanese Wood Carved Buddha Statuette     530 $   sold already




Early Edo period, 17th century.

Enjoy this small local wooden folk Buddhist statue called 'Minshu-Butsu' (or 'Minkan-Butsu'), dated back to the indicated age but could also be earlier.

It is unique and soften modeled with calm smiling in 'Gassho' pose, coated with mature paint and an impressing merciful aura.

The statue shows the wear of time and draws its beauty from it. It is sprinkled with gold on the front; the back must have been against a wall or a pillar as it is bare, flat and shows the mark where it was joined. The crown has been repaired. The statuette has been mounted and glued to a wooden block at some point in time.

Aesthetic antique condition as is.

Size: 6 x 16,5cm (19 with stand)/ 2,2 x 6,6''

Shipping included.



Chinese 100 year old Bronze Guan Yin on Foo Lion      700 $      sold






Here we like to offer you a 100 year old bronze Guan Yin Statue (kwan yin) from China with traces of gildet laquer. It is sold together with its wooden stand.

She is riding a foo lion / fu dog and is holding a droplet of water in her left hand.

The Guan Yin is in good condition. It has no repairs and shows only some wears of age, which emphasizes the antique charakter.

Size: 8'' x 5'' x 11,4''.



Japanese 200 year old Amitabha AMIDA-NYORAI Buddhist Statue               1400 $


A comparatively large sized Amitabha AMIDA-NYORAI from the Mid Edo Period. It is made of premium wood and has been carved by a master craftsman. The golden colour is still vivid and shiny and looks absolutely amazing. Buddha Statues of this quality are very rare.


It is in very good condition with no repairs and no serious damage.


Size: Width 4.9 in : Length 3.7 in : Height 15.7 in : Weight 530 g



Bronze Buddha Tibeto-Chinese from 19th. century     390 $

 sold already






This is a Tibeto-Chinese bronze Buddha from the 19th. century. It has a unique design with lots of miniature Buddhas applicated.

Rests of gilt are still visible.

It has a size of 22 cm height, width 17 cm x 13 cm and the weight is 2,4kg.

Shipping included



A Chinese wood carving of a seated Guanyin      1.350 $





Please feel free to enjoy this Chinese wood carving of a seated Guanyin, early Qing dynasty. The Guanyin is seated in rajalitasana, royal ease, on a pierced rockwork base with one leg lowered and the other with knee raised supporting the right arm, the face carved with a poised and calm expression, wearing a tiara and loose robes falling over the shoulders and open at the chest to reveal an elaborate beaded necklace.

There are no repairs visible, but pieces of laquer had been chipped off due to age. The antique look is amazing.


Height 45 cm. Width 28,5 cm x 19 cm

Weight 2500g

Shipping included


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