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 Antique and rare Bizen Stoneware Tsubo (Vase/Jar) from the Edo Era                 2.500 $


We offer a beautiful deformed and heavy Japanese Bizen stoneware tsubo. It has expressive signs and spoils of the pottery making.

The brown colour with a little descent of yellow and orange are giving a smooth warm radiance to the viewer.
It is a unique Tsubo in excellent condition.

It is from the late Edo period, 18-19th century.

Size: approx. 21cm in diameter, 16.5cm in height (8.26in, 6.49in)




 Old Japanese Teapot from the Edo Era      sold


Japanese antique Edo Era Teapot of Oribe ware.

Size  20 centimeters in height, width 16x12.5 centimeters,  570 grams in weight.

Oribe ware (織部焼 Oribe-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery most identifiable for its use of green copperglaze and bold painted design. It was the first use of colored stoneware glaze by Japanese potters.

It is one of the Mino styles originating in the late 16th century. It takes its name from tea masterFuruta Oribe (1544–1615).

Oribe is a style of pottery with much variation. There is a great variety in the type of ware as well as the surface treatment. Like many types of Japanese pottery, bowls and dishes are common. Oribe wares also include lidded jars and handled food containers.

The clay body typically has a low-iron content and is formed by hand, on a potter’s wheel, or by drape molding. The surface is painted and decorated with lively surface designs, which may be based on nature, geometric patterns, or a combination of the two. White slip and clear glaze are also used.

For the brilliant green color, wares are fired using oxidation at 1220 degrees Celsius. If these conditions are not met, the glaze may be brown or red.




 Shigaraki yaki Edo period antique mizusashi - chado - tea ceremony water jar      450 $


Shigaraki-yaki Edo period antique mizusashi (water jar) with its original antique wooden box

Dated Bunsei 13 (1830). This is an authentic antique Edo Era piece of Japanese Tea Ceremony.


Height : 14,5 cm

Diam. : 19,5 cm




 Very Old Iga Ware Flower Vase Mimi - Momoyama Type                       1.200 $




Museum piece from the Late Edo Period (could be earlier) from Iga in Mie Prefecture near Shigaraki another great kiln producing area outside of Kyoto.

If you are a ceramic collector you know, that a piece like this is very, very rare.

Size: 26.5 centimeters in height, diameter 11 centimeters, trunk diameter 12.5 centimeters, 1300 grams in weight.



Oldest Karatsu-Yaki Tokkuri ( Sake Bottle )     250 $      sold


This is a 17th century Karatsu ware tokkuri made of oldest Karatsu clay.

It gives a perfect impression of wabi-sabi..

It has no water leak, no repairs and no damage.

Size: 14 cm x 8,5 cm height / width

Shipping is included




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